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ESBEE ENTERPRISE was established in the year 2013 as an trading company of organic fresh vegetables. In 2014, we were licensed as Merchant Exporters. As a prime member of FIEO( Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation), the apex body of 14nos

EPC (Export Promotion Councils), we are in International Cross border trade of Pesticides free Organic all kind of fresh vegetables & fresh fruits. Along with these, we started trading Aromatic Basmati Rice & Non Aromatic Rice varieties, Naturally collected Honey of all varieties, dry fruits of Kashmir Origin, Grade l Saffron from Srinagar, tamarind, processed WW240 and WW320 Cashews, Herbal Green Tea - Orthodox of Darjeeling origin & Organic Fertilizer to cultivate much faster.

We like to maintain total transparency with our certifications, product quality and process with our customers thereby generating the deep faith on our brand in their minds. All our products are developed from biological derivatives and natural resources thereby making them easily viable for nature. With more than 5 years of experience in this business, we have got the most reliable resources and active field network, that help us easily & timely execution of our needs of customers worldwide.

Our products contribute to global agricultural industry and our mission is to provide high value, environment friendly products which can contribute to sustainable and safe agriculture. We continuously endeavour to provide our products at competitive prices without slightest quality compromise. 100% customer satisfaction, eminent product standards and hassle-free services is what we aim for, in order to make business identity.

However, our ultimate vision as a Merchant Exporter is to make it large and become internationally renowned for the virtue of our services and products.


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William Doe
William DoeAgronomist
Jack Silver
Jack SilverTractor-Driver
Billi Moore
Billi MooreAssistant
John Connor
John ConnorCombine Operator
Allan Bolt
Allan BoltMechanic

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19N, Rammohan Place, B-A, C5, Konnagar, Hooghly, Pin: 712235, West Bengal, INDIA.

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